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Two projects were concerned with provision for children under five and their parents: a survey of services for parents of handicapped children under five carried out under the co-direction of Professor M Chazan and Dr AF Laing of the University College of Swansea; and a study of pre-school education and handicapped and exceptional children in the Grampian Region of Scotland directed by Dr MM Clark of the University of Strathclyde.A project on the employment experiences of handicapped school leavers was commissioned from the National Children's Bureau and carried out by Mr A Walker.We therefore co-opted a number of members, to whom we are indebted for their help. Mrs M Blythman - Head of the Special Education Department, Moray House College of Education, Edinburgh Miss M Clarke OBE - Senior Adviser for Nursery, Infant and First School Education, Devon Local Education Authority Miss K A Dougall - Headteacher, Inchview Primary School, West Pilton, Edinburgh Mr M J K Flynn - Principal, Stretton House Hostel, Stretton, Derbyshire Dr C Frain-Bell - Consultant Paediatrician (Educational Medicine), Community Child Health Services, Tayside Area Health Board Mr D R Gray - Inspector (Special Education) City of Birmingham Education Department Professor R Gulliford - Head of the Department of Special Education, University of Birmingham Mr D Hutchinson - Head of the Work Orientation Unit, North Nottinghamshire College of Further Education Rev R J Jones - Education Secretary, National Children's Home, until 1976 [page 2] Mr P J Lowman - Production Director, Rosalind Foods Ltd, Great Yarmouth, until 1976 Miss M E Moyce - Principal Officer, Children's Services, London Borough of Lambeth Mrs M de Paolo - Headteacher, New Fosseway School for the ESN(S), Bristol Mr T E Thomas - Former pupil of a special school for the physically handicapped in Glamorgan Mr G Vernon - Coordinator of In-Service Education, Leeds Polytechnic Dr R I Woodger - Parent of a handicapped child 4.

In addition, small sub-groups met for varying lengths of time to discuss particular topics.

These included the curriculum in special education; confidentiality and the flow of information; advice and support in special education; co-ordination of services; the SE Forms procedure; and research and development. Although our membership covered a wide range of interest and expertise, we felt that we would benefit from the presence on our sub-committees of additional members with relevant knowledge and experience.

We also took into account the many submissions of written evidence - nearly 400 - which we received from a variety of organisations and from individuals with a personal or professional interest in special education.

We invited representatives of some of these organisations as well as a number of the individuals to discuss with us points of special interest in their submissions and we also asked other people with expertise in particular fields to meet us for discussion of specific topics.

General Secretary ofthe National Union of Teachers until 1975 Miss MF Cairley - Assistant Head Teacher, Kirkriggs Special School for the Mentally Handicapped, Glasgow Dr I Chesham - Specialist in Community Medicine (Child Health), Cheshire Area Health Authority Mr D Coe - Assistant Director, Middlesex Polytechnic Mr GH Dalziel - Headmaster, Thorn Park School for the Deaf, Bradford Mr RA Davis - Headmaster, Pindar Comprehensive School, Scarborough, until December 1976 Dr RM Forrester - Consultant Paediatrician, Royal Albert Edward Infirmary, Wigan Professor PJ Graham - Consultant Psychiatrist, Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, London Mr D Guthrie OBE (resigned May 1975) - Director of the National Fund for Research into Crippling Diseases until November 1976 Mr JE Harding - Member of the Education and Training Committee, Scottish CBI and the Scottish TUC/CBI Joint Committee on the Employment of the Disabled Mr L Macho - Headmaster, Pen-y-Bryn School for the ESN(M), Swansea Dr JB Meredith Davies (appointed June 1975) - Director of Social Services, Liverpool Mr JAD Michie - Director of Education, Grampian Region Mr G Newton OBE (resigned April 1975) - Director of Social Services, Wiltshire Mr PH Priestley - Regional Psychologist and Head of Special Educational Services, Lothian Regional Council Mr EJ Richards - Senior Adviser, Special Education, Clwyd Local Education Authority Lady Roth JP - Chairman of the Governors, Feversham Non-Maintained School for the Maladjusted, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, unti I July 1977 [page iii] Mrs ME Thruston - Community Nurse Training Officer, Croydon Area Health Authority Mrs W Tumim - Parent of two hearing impaired children and Chairman of the Education Committee of The National Deaf Children's Society Dr MC Tyson - Professional Adviser/Senior Educational Psychologist for Special Education, London Borough of Hounslow Professor P Williams - Professor of Educational Studies and Dean of the Faculty of Educational Studies, The Open University Mr D Winnard - Secretary, Education Department, Trades Union Congress until September 1974 Mr DPT Woodgate - Headmaster, Priory Meadow School for Maladjusted Children, St Osyth Mr PW Young - Tutor to the course in the education of children with learning difficulties, Cambridge Institute of Education, Chelmsford, until December 1977 Department of Education and Science Mr MA Walker (to September 1976) Mr VH Stevens (from October 1976) Mr JR Fish HMI Scottish Education Department Mrs N Munro (to May 1976) Mr R P C Macnab (from May 1976) Mr A Milne HMI Welsh Education Office Mr M W Stone HMI Department of Employment Mr P Tansley (to June 1977) Mr S Loveman (from June 1977) Department of Health and Social Security Dr EE Simpson Mr GM Bebb Mr RB Brown Scottish Home and Health Department Dr J Ward (to May 1975) Dr JH Grant (June 1975 to August 1977) Dr M Hennigan (from September 1977) [page iv] The Rt Hon SHIRLEY WILLIAMS MP Secretary of State for Education and Science The Rt Han BRUCE MILLAN MP Secretary of State for Scotland The Rt Hon JOHN MORRIS QC, MP Secretary of State for Wales March 1978 Dear Secretaries of State On behalf of the Committee of Enquiry into the Education of Handicapped Children and Young People, I have the honour to submit our report to you.

Our review has been a wide-ranging one, extending well beyond the education service.In particular, we should like to express our gratitude to Mr Michael Walker and his successor Mr Vivian Stevens of the Department of Education and Science and to Dr Esther Simpson and Mr Bob Brown of the Department of Health and Social Security, who have helped us continuously for three and a half years.We are also deeply grateful to Mr John Fish, Mr Alastair Milne and Mr Malcolm Stone of Her Majesty's Inspectorate for their continuous help and advice.Another group went to Denmark and Sweden to study the implementation of the policy of educating severely handicapped children in ordinary schools and the provision made for handicapped young people over 16.A third party visited Holland and West Germany to see a range of special schools in those countries.The division was as follows: the needs of handicapped children under five; the education of handicapped children in ordinary schools; day special schools and boarding provision; and the educational and other needs of handicapped school leavers.


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