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But I actually agree with that other person; a thief is a thief!!!

which is way better than coffee I suppose the holy grail would be scoring free coffee at the first Starbucks, in Seattle.

It’s plenty busy, and you get the added bonus of seeing the original Starbucks logo, before they airbrushed out the mermaid’s crudely drawn breasts.

Rule number 1: Go the busiest store near you to capitalize on worker confusion.

The key is to find a *$ that is busy, where confusion makes it easy to get away with things.

starbucks has a just-say-yes policy, so prety much anything the customers says goes. Does anyone think that perhaps part of the reason the beverages are so expensive is that there are so many thieves stealing that it jacks up the price?

Here’s some tips: ask for a free sample of some over-priced drink every single day, or say that you have a special deal with the company that allows you to get free coffee. we’d rather give away free crap then waste time arguing. That, and then having multiple employees, even at a low pay rate, means you have to sell a lot of stuff to break even, much less make a profit.

Example: “Yeah, um, this is a caramel latte but I actually ordered a vanilla latte.” Of course you really did order a caramel latte but the person who took your order is busy (you’re at a busy *$ remember? Rule number 3: Purchase something small and then act like a patient, confused customer waiting for his coffee beverage.

A bolder extension of rule number two is the real/fake purchase scam.

I’m in no way affiliated with this business, and actually only drink their coffee occassionally, but am of the mindset that a thief is a thief, no matter what you steal. the reason coffee is 4 bucks at *$ is cause people actually pay for it…

Think about that when someone steals something from you, big or small. Drink public water then, or work somewhere that provides Coffee Butler for free. and its laced with crack BWHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i can teach you how to make beer….

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