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Thankfully, I had already made good progress and could spare a little time for a well-deserved break. Every book, magazine or other piece of writing in the house had been in my hands at least two times. When mom thought she was alone again, I saw her tuck this small bundle away in one of the boxes with junk. ” she asked sarcastically, holding up a dog-eared booklet with big golden letters embossed on a faded pink front, clearly spelling the words ‘My Diary’. By the time our parents returned and mom called us for dinner, she was already halfway the first volume. I told her to forget about it, but of course she didn’t.

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As I was taking the spoils back to my room, I heard someone whisper my name. It's a secret” she said “Come on, I'll let you have one of my sandwiches” She looked hungrily at the food. “Okay, but don’t tell mom or dad” I promised her I’d keep mum and led her into my room. I quickly closed my legs and told her to piss off, but she pushed her finger between my legs and touched the folds of my naked kitty” “Luckily she pulled her hand away before Mr. She didn't do nothing for the rest of the film, but her brief touch had made me all hot again.

I looked around and finally spotted my younger sister, peeking in from a crack in the door. I nodded “Mom and dad went to Aunt Shelley for the afternoon.” Audrey swung the door open and quickly traversed the room, carrying something bulky and rectangular under her sweater. I knew there was no way Teach would allow someone to go to the bathroom this shortly after recess, so I would have to sit it out.

“Before I could warn him, he had taken off his shirt and pants.

So, I hid and watched as he stepped in the tub, completely naked.

“I was feeling hot all day today, just because I keep thinking about Donny’s big penis. I didn’t sit down like I always do when I wash myself, but I stood up so he could see all of me.

I showed off my tits and my bush, knowing Donny was looking at me. “When I bent over to pick up the bar of soap, I spread my legs a little and slowly pushed my butt in the air.

The doctors had given her two months when they discovered the cancer that was slowly destroying her body, and that was just about as much as she got. After the funeral and the period of grieving, there remained the task of moving all of Nan's possessions out of her house and get it ready for sale. She just looked at me disapprovingly, not even dignifying herself with a reply. Sometimes five or six times.“ So much there wasn't much shocking news. The bell hadn't rung yet, so I stayed there and tickled my kitty a little longer.

Gathering, sorting and storing a lifetime's worth of possessions is a lot of work, and I decided to take a few days off from college to be with my family and help them as much as I could. I tried to laugh it off, successfully, so it seemed. It was such a relief to finally touch myself and I was just about to feel good when the bell rang.

I found some leftover tuna salad in the fridge and I made a couple of nice sandwiches. She had them wrapped in an old tablecloth so I swapped them with a couple of phone books and put the books in the bag of clothes instead.” “And they’re Nan’s diaries, huh? If he could have seen under my desk, he'd have us expelled for sure.


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