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It does sound like a scenario I’ve heard of before, where a user can be tricked into downloading a piece of software that gives another person total access to their computer.

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There needs to be a new password for every new session.

However, apparently a lack of secure firewalls enabled on your computer might mean that your computer may be vulnerable to being hacked and breached again through this same gateway.

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This week I was interviewed in regard to an incident where an Avalon boy 13years of age, had made friends on the very popular Lego like 3D video game Minecraft, with a New Zealand Minecraft gamer, where the online friendship turned into every parents nightmare.

This article by Sophos Security explains in more detail how this type of software can work.

Minecraft didn’t cause the hacking, but playing online games with strangers leaves your child vulnerable if something goes wrong.

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However, playing online with another child you don’t know, can be just as dangerous if the friendship goes sour as the one in this incident did.

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