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(We've ruled two of President Barack Obama's transparency campaign promises as broken, for example.) In defense of the House Republicans, they have worked to keep their promise on transparency, particularly in comparison with Obama, who almost immediately discarded his campaign promise to post legislation online for five days before signing it.And in fact, Obama signed the debt limit increase into law only hours after the Senate passed it on Aug. When it comes to transparency, it's often at the moment when leaders are most tempted to break the promise that it's most important to keep it.The House Rules Committee showed the budget legislation posted at a.m.

We've been following the House GOP's promise to put the text of bills online at least three days before a vote.

As we've noted before (see our previous updates below), the House has sometimes squeaked by, posting a bill very late at night, waiting one day, and voting the next.

More time is needed to make an informed decision about legislation of this size and scope.

Unfortunately, once again, Congress has waited until the last minute to act, pushing us up against this artificial August 2nd deadline and forcing a decision on a bill it seems no one actually likes." In ruling on this promise, we can't help but note how hard it is for elected officials on both sides of the debate to keep promises about transparency.

We're documenting here that the Republicans are not airing legislation for a full 72 hours.

As we've noted before, the Republicans may be adhering to the letter of their rule, but they've violated the spirit by rushing through legislation.

They argued that having the bill posted -- even briefly -- on three separate days met the terms of House rules adopted at the beginning of the year, which specify that a bill cannot be considered until the third calendar day on which it has been posted.

That squeaking by ended with the compromise legislation that extended the federal debt ceiling. 1, 2011, the same day that members of Congress voted on it.

Last week, Republicans fast-tracked legislation to curtail funding for National Public Radio after Internet activist James O' Keefe distributed an edited video that appeared to show an NPR fundraising executive making disparaging remarks about the tea party movement, among other things.


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