Accommodating antonym

Now you can learn Spoken Thamizh from home with an interactive CD.." Subhashini's Tamil Digital Village "... The first course may be difficult for the beginner.

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Tamil is a more logical language than most other languages.

For instance, a) there is no arbitrary assignment of gender to inanimate things as in Latin, French or the Sanskrit-based languages.

The site is a valuable learning resource for second-generation Tamils.

It does not simply concentrate on teaching the alphabet and vocabulary words but contains lessons that are designed specifically for teaching sentence formation.

It is a repository of a community’s collective history and heritage.

It also provides an identity and a focus that binds together a community for social togetherness, that makes individual accomplishments that much easier. Vasu Renganathan The comprehensive teaching modules include a Tamil Writing Project, an Invocation on Tamil Goddess, an Introduction to the Tamil Alphabet that can be used to practice making the various characters that make up the Tamil alphabet, exercises based on Reader lessons, some simple Conversational Exchanges, and Modern Short Stories for reading comprehension.The Tamil Eelam Economic Development Organisation has made a beginning in making available Tamil Learning Software free on the web.Siddharthan Ramachandramurthi's Learning Tamil page contains useful information about Tamil Classes, Tamil Educational Software and Tamil Textbooks 1.The lessons found at this website will provide the structure for learning Thamil through English.By learning the grammar contained in the lessons, learners will be able to use their knowledge of English to produce sentences in Thamil.(English, of course, has hardly a method to its madness in this matter and rightly dubbed as one of the most illogical of languages by Bernard Shaw) c) all case- endings follow similar sets of rules; eg: when the word is only two-letters-long and starts with a short letter, it inserts a vowel or doubles the consonant in all case- endings, so that the identity of the word is not lost.

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