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Read More Wood Badge 2017 Wood Badge is a Scouting leadership program and the related award for adult leaders in the programs of Scout associations around the world. July 16 thru 21, 2018 PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM, PRINT IT AND SUBMIT IT TO THE SCOUT OFFICE WITH YOUR DEPOSIT TO RESERVE YOUR PLACE. Wood Badge courses aim to make Scouters better leaders by teaching advanced leadership skills, and... THE TOTAL COST FOR NYLT IS 0, FEES ARE DUE BY JULY 1, 2018. Read More Friends of Scouting Resources: fos-pledge-cards-3-per-page campaign-finance-transmittal-form-fillable What is Friends of Scouting?

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NATURE OF CASE: Mother's parental rights were terminated by the District Court, Seventh Judicial District, Bonneville County, Marvin Smith, J. The Court of Appeals, Swanstrom, J., held that: (1) court was obligated under statute to inform mother of her right to counsel in parental rights termination proceedings as soon as court perceived that original voluntary termination proceedings would be involuntary; (2) statute requiring court to provide parent with notice of right to appointed counsel in parental rights termination proceedings did not condition notice on parent's request or demand; (3) on appointment of counsel for mother in parental rights termination proceedings, court should have begun termination proceeding anew with counsel's appointment rather than requiring counsel to step in on second day of hearing without knowing what had transpired on first day; and (4) where mother's mental capacity was issue raised in parental rights termination petition, court should have appointed guardian ad litem to protect rights of mother.

NATURE OF CASE: In proceedings to place children in permanent foster care, the First Judicial District Court, Kootenai County, Gary M. The Supreme Court, Justice Powell, held that: (1) defendant was entitled to have Pennsylvania Children and Youth Services file reviewed by trial court to determine whether it contained information that probably would have changed outcome of trial, and (2) defense counsel was not entitled to examine confidential information in Children and Youth Services file.

Magistrate ordered termination and the District Court of the Sixth Judicial District, Bannock County, N. NATURE OF CASE: Grandmother moved for permissive intervention in Child Protective Act (CPA) proceedings involving granddaughter. The Supreme Court, Justice Stevens, held that where the putative father had never established a substantial relationship with his child, the failure to give him notice of pending adoption proceedings, despite the state's actual notice of his existence and whereabouts, did not deny the putative father due process or equal protection since he could have guaranteed that he would receive notice of any adoption proceedings by mailing a postcard to the putative father registry. NATURE OF CASE: Defendant was convicted before the Court of Common Pleas, Criminal Division, No. The Supreme Court, Chief Justice Rehnquist, held that State had no constitutional duty to protect child from his father after receiving reports of possible abuse. NATURE OF CASE: Putative natural father, whose blood tests indicated 98.07% probability of paternity and who had established parental relationship with child, filed filiation action to establish paternity and right to visitation. Lachs, J., granted summary judgment motion filed by husband, who was presumed to be father under California law because he was living with mother at time of child's birth and who desired to raise child with mother as his own. Damrell, Jr., J., granted summary judgment in favor of defendants, and grandparents appealed.

The District Court, Fourth Judicial District, Ada County, John F. Granting permissive appeal, the Supreme Court, Silak, J., held that: (1) CPA does not confer on related persons seeking placement of child in their home a conditional right to intervene in CPA proceedings; (2) rule governing permissive intervention in cases where an applicant's claim or defense has a question of law or fact in common with the main action should not be applied in CPA proceedings; and (3) grandmother's claim for permanent placement of child with her did not provide basis for permissive intervention. Young, Magistrate Judge, entered finding that foster parents, rather than potential adoptive parents, could adopt two children, the Department of Health and Welfare appealed. CC7903887A, Allegheny County, of rape, involuntary sexual intercourse, incest, and corruption of minor, and defendant appealed. Holdings: The Court of Appeals, Rymer, Circuit Judge, held that: (1) grandparents did not have substantive due process right to visit their grandchildren; (2) grandparents' status, under California law, as de facto parents to their grandchildren did not create a liberty interest entitling grandparents to visitation; and (3) grandfather failed to show that he suffered a loss of recognizable property or liberty interest in connection with injury to his reputation from having his name placed on CACI, as required to satisfy stigma-plus test for 1983 defamation claim. NATURE OF CASE: Parents and stepfather of 14-year-old girl placed into protective custody sued county and police officer pursuant to 1983, alleging, inter alia, that officer violated their rights of familial association by placing child into protective custody without warrant and that county failed to train its officers on need to procure such warrants.

Proudly serving more than 14,500 youth and their families encompassing 31,000 square miles across the Southwest Idaho and Eastern Oregon counties of Ada, Adams, Boise, Canyon, Elmore, Gem, Owyhee, Payette, Valley and Washington in Idaho as well as Harney and Malheur in Oregon.

Scouting in Idaho has roots dating back to 1914 when a handful of troops were organized by local churches.

NATURE OF CASE: Natural mother petitioned for a rehearing as to probate court decree granting Department of Public Assistance legal custody of her five sons and the Department petitioned to terminate the parent-child relationship.

The District Court, Seventh Judicial District, Butte County, Willard C.

NATURE OF CASE: Mother appealed from order of the Fifth Judicial District Court, Jerome County, Phillip M.

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