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Among the most powerful of the entheogenic substances that allow humans to bypass our egos and catch a glimpse of the divine is dimethyltryptamine, better known as DMT.

DMT is the main active ingredient in ayahuasca, the psychedelic substance traditionally used for spiritual ceremonies by people native to the Amazon.

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That kind of thing.” “These clinical and preliminary quantitative data provide bases for further psychopharmacologic characterization of DMT’s properties in humans,” the study concludes.

“They also may be used to compare the effects of other agents affecting relevant brain receptors in volunteer and psychiatric populations.” In this and other studies, Strassman and his team ended up working with 60 volunteers in total, providing a foundation of knowledge about DMT that had previously been absent from the scientific record.

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“I recognized the importance of my work for the future of American psychedelic studies, and I wanted to make certain that it was performed in broad daylight,” the scientist said in an interview with .

“That way I felt the responsibility was shared among everyone involved in the process.” Strassman went on to author the book DMT: The Spirit Molecule about his research and experience, concluding, “It is so important for us to understand consciousness.

You know how schizophrenics talk about different meanings to things?

A leaf on the ground takes on new meaning, and they get into it in a big way?

In the two decades following the studies, research on other psychedelics has gradually picked up and the public is just starting to gain awareness of their efficacy for treating various sorts of mental disorders.

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