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Opposite you across the circle is the ACE MARKETPLACE.The pulleys on the facade of the building represent the pulleys on the dredge boats used to dig the canals.At #52 Windward Avenue you will see the Town House, originally Menotti’s Buffet (1915), with the name still visible on the original tile floor. Charles Painting by Terry Schoonhoven (1978) on the east side is a mirror reflection of Windward Avenue toward Pacific Avenue.

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Across the street at #21 Windward Avenue is the 1904 Venice Beach Hotel, a jazz club now, which in the heyday of the city, was called the St. On the hotel’s west wall is Rip Cronk’s Venice Reconstituted (1989), a parody of Botticelli.

This mural shows Ocean Front Walk with familiar locals such as turbanned roller- skating musician Harry Perry, sidewalk pianist Berry “The Lion” Gordon, the artist himself on the gold wall, and the controversial Aztec Indian boy – controversial because it was the Gabrielino Indians who were native to this area, not Aztecs.

There are images and text of current and past murals of Venice and L. ABOUT: The Tour of Venice Murals was created by the Social and Public Art Resource Center, and is dedicated to the Venice Community, the muralists, and to all of you who care about mural preservation. Click here to to view image of the tour as well as Venice murals images found scattered in Venice by Emily Winters, Rip Cronk, Chase and more. Free parking is available at SPARC (Social and Public Art Resource Center), 685 Venice Boulevard (310- 822-9560). Note, however, that SPARC and the VENICE POST OFFICE with its historic mural showing Abbot Kinney, founder of Venice and his dream city Venice-of- America, are both closed on Sunday. Unlike most murals, frescoes are painted directly into wet plaster, the ancient technique used by Michelangelo and Da Vinci, and revived in the 20th Century by the Mexican mural masters.

Become a member and help SPARC continue the mural legacy of Los Angeles. Also, check out Betsy Goldman’s Venice Murals and Public Art Walking Tour. The tour can also be done by bicycle or roller-skates. Begin your tour at SPARC, an historic art deco building erected in 1929 and once used as the Venice Police Station and City Jail. The street-facing mural, The Fifth Sun, El Quinto Sol is public art in the life of the city.

Clockwise at the three o’clock position, the three story building with colonnades is the semi-reconstruction of the old Antlers Hotel.

Clockwise at eight o’clock is the roller coaster building paying homage to the 1911 “Race through the Clouds,” the first roller coaster on the West Coast originally located nearby.Sidewalk Cafe depicts the typical activity inside this historic and very popular eating establishment.One block further, at Westminster Avenue, look north for a good view of Venice Beach, another mural by Rip Cronk (1990) on the south-facing wall of the tall Beach House Building.Biberman’s mural depicts amusement concessions (always more popular than the cultural attractions), gondolas, and drilling rigs for the oil that was discovered a number of years after the city was founded.In the mural you will also see some of the summer cottages you passed on Grand Boulevard Turn left out of the POST OFFICE and lead west toward the ocean on Windward Avenue.Since this is now a private dwelling, simply notice the building’s exterior.


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