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Christian Retreats are a great way to enrich your faith and meet others who share similar values and morals.

There are usually several different types of Christian games for adults that take place at these retreats.

To make this game more challenging, try starting the song in the middle of a verse.

Here is a great list of popular hymn albums Break the group up into small teams, and have each team choose a scene from the Bible that they would like to re-enact.

These activities help break the ice and makes learning more about your faith, church and friends fun and entertaining.

If you are organizing a retreat, there are numerous retreat game ideas available both online and in Christian books.

A piano is required for this game, as well as someone who familiar with songs from the church hymnal and how to play them. The pianist will play the song without singing the words.

The first group to guess the most correct hymns will win the game.

This will continue down the line until the verse reaches the last person, who will then repeat what they heard aloud.

A majority of the time, the verse will be completely different from what it originally started out as. This is played similar to the traditional “hangman” game, but uses words or phrases from the Bible. The first team will do the drawing, the second team will guess the letters.

This will add to the fun of the game and make the scenes more interesting.

Each team will perform their Bible scene, and the group will vote on which team’s scene was the best. This is a great game to end the retreat with, since the group members will be comfortable with each other by then and it is a memorable way to finish off their time there.

Allow the teams enough time to put their scene together and choose who will play each role.


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