Adult webcam 03 03 2012

B., the prosecution’s unnamed star witness, said that while having sex with Tyler Clementi in a Rutgers University dormitory during one of their three meetings, he noticed a webcam peering at Clementi’s bed. “I just noticed it because I happened to glance over,” M. “There was no thoughts that somebody might be watching me,” he said. In an interview with reporters outside the courtroom during a lunch break, M.

“If I saw a light on, maybe I would have brought it up. said he exited Clementi’s room to find a group of students loitering and gawking in the hallway. "It seemed kind of unsettling." And, as the two men lay in Clementi’s bed two days after that, M. said he “could hear people talking in the courtyard -- people joking, people laughing. B.’s attorney, Richard Pompelio, called him a "fine young man who came here to tell the truth under very difficult circumstances." Pompelio also defended the court’s decision to protect his client’s identity, after Superior Court Judge Glenn Berman ordered that M. is not to be photographed and his testimony cannot be recorded.

19 – the day of the alleged spying -- he encountered a group of about five students when he left the room. "I felt uncomfortable because they were staring at me and they were looking at me in an odd way," M.

felt uncomfortable because he was older than everyone else. We wanted to see each other again.” He and Clementi saw each other again in the dorm room on Sept.

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He drove 20 to 35 minutes from his home to the Rutgers Busch campus, arriving around midnight, he said.

"I just didn’t want his roommate to have trouble with two gay men in the room that he shares,” M. "To get to be intimate, we had talked about going to hotels," M. said, but Clementi had already spoken to his roommate about him coming over, he added. “We were there to be intimate with each other, so I’m sure the windows weren’t open." He added, "Our intentions were to get intimate and we wanted privacy." They texted each other, M. I was just trying to be respectful of his roommate." Ravi’s father shook his head at the word “uncomfortable." On Thursday, the former captain of a Rutgers Ultimate Frisbee team said Ravi had discussed Clementi possibly being gay and said Ravi "appeared uncomfortable with the situation." Altman asked M. if he and Clementi had spoken about meeting somewhere other than the dorm. if he closed the blinds during their encounters, M. said he couldn’t recall if the blinds were open or closed, but he assumed they were closed, along with the windows. responded to a message Clementi sent for a planned meeting later that night. 16, after their first sexual encounter, he left Clementi’s room well before 2 a.m., because he knew Ravi was coming back at that time. B., said on the witness stand, in the hours preceeding the Sept. repeated what he said earlier in the day on direct examination, that Ravi was laying in his bed when M.

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