Aimee chan moses chan dating carbon dating half life

Aimee, who is six months pregnant, is already mum to boys Aiden Joshua, two, and Nathan Lucas, one.She married Moses in 2013 after three years of dating and it has been reported that the couple want a big family.

"Actually, I was trying to lose some weight from my previous pregnancy because I wasn't in my best shape, but during the final week of filming, I just ate." Let's Eat!

is Aimee's first film since 2010's 72 Tenants Of Prosperity. Although it was tough for her to be apart from her children, she felt that Let's Eat! "I have always been interested in films and Chapman is a veteran comedy actor, so I really wanted to work with him," said Aimee.

The 43-year-old Hong Kong comedian joked in Mandarin: "I understand that Moses wants to keep his wife close because she is just too pretty.

"But if this continues, Aimee will be able to shoot only short films instead of feature-length ones." To was very considerate of his pregnant leading lady, holding out his hand to support her as she climbed the steps onto the stage in her black stilettos. , which is To's directorial debut, opens here on Friday.

It was only later that I realised why." But Aimee happily said that the pregnancy did not affect her appetite and she was still able to indulge during filming.

"I still ate a lot during the shoot," she recalled.As both of them are actors, they understand their work requirements and will not give one another any pressure.Speaking about Moses intimate scene, Aimee said, “At the most, I won’t watch his kissing scene.He plays Dai Hung, the head chef of Malaysian Hainanese chicken rice establishment Ah Yong Cafe.When its owner's daughter Rosemary (Aimee) returns from Europe to revamp the cafe, she and Dai Hung clash because of their different attitudes towards the restaurant. Feb 26, 2015) Education: College (~1-2 years); Major: Accounting Profession before acting: Model • Chose the name Moses before moving to Australia.


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