Alexandra wentworth george stephanopoulos dating

American political operative, he managed press coverage, speech writing, advertising, polling, research and issues during President Bill Clinton's campaign for office.

The President counted on him as his communications officer and unofficial chief of staff.

She is also a granddaughter of the explorer Janet Elliott Wulsin (1894–1963).

She is the daughter of Mabel Cabot (née Hobart), who was First Lady Nancy Reagan's social secretary in the White House, and Eric Wentworth, a reporter for The Washington Post.

"I don't know why I didn't end up marrying him." anchor George Stephanopoulos, said her husband's morning show, as well as working for Oprah Winfrey and "reading every self-help book," inspired her to start the journey she went on for her book.

Specifically, she told the gathering of TV stars at the Ralph Lauren store on Manhattan's Upper East Side, she was motivated when she was watching "I thought, ' That's it.

Wentworth, who's spoken often about her role on that episode, said she recalls "having a lot more fun than [Alexander and Swedberg] were, for sure." "I do remember Jason and Jerry and I sparring and having fun," said Wentworth, "and she didn't, really — I don't remember her saying much or doing much." She also joked that perhaps she, herself, might have been tough to work with as well. Wentworth and Stephanopoulos were joined at the party and book signing by Seinfeld's wife, Jessica; Robin Roberts; Kelly Ripa; David Muir; Barbara Walters; Joy Behar; Gayle King; and Michael J.

"I'm sure there was a reason I only did one episode," she said.

It's a breach of trust, the taking of advantage." Ironically, Stephanopoulos has his own White House intern problem, a young woman who has been stalking him for several years and from whom he has requested a protection order.

Unmarried, most likely due to working 14-hour days, he admits to having a girlfriend but retains his privacy beyond that.

Wentworth met ABC News journalist George Stephanopoulos on a blind date.

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