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The recent quakes have reshaped more than 600 square km of land, lowering areas around the epicentre by up to 70 centimetres, according to data released by Italy's National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV).One year after an earthquake struck the Amatrice region – and less than 24 hours after another struck the island of Ischia in the Gulf of Naples – Italy on Thursday will remember the 299 victims killed in the August 23rd, 2016, disaster that still haunts the country.Wearing a blue hard hat, Trudeau was accompanied Sunday by Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano, local officials and firefighters to visit the devastation.


Children in their pajamas were pulled lifeless from the debris, one youngster having used up the last of the oxygen tunnelling in the wrong direction in a futile bid to reach safety. Shell-shocked locals suffered three more violent quakes, on October 26 and 30 and January 18 -- the last one sparking an avalanche that would wipe out a hotel and kill 29 people.

Damage to homes, schools, hospitals and churches in the region are estimated at 23.55 billion euros ($27.7 billion).

Survivors 'abandoned' Other commemorations are planned for Wednesday or Thursday in devastated hamlets nearby, from Accumoli to Pescara del Tronto, whose mayor recalled this week "we didn't know where to put all the dead".

The Italian Red Cross has called on Italy to observe 24 hours of social network silence with the hashtag #In Silenzio.

Geologists have insisted that a tremor of that level would not be lethal if homes had been built properly.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is taking a tour of Amatrice, the central Italian town brought to rubble by an earthquake that killed nearly 300 people in August last year.

"The biggest problem now is the snow because we are having trouble getting around and assessing any damage," said Luca Cari, spokesman for the national fire brigades.

The August 24 quake killed 300 people and destroyed thousands of homes and businesses.

READ ALSO: Italy's museums offer takings to restore quake-hit region The plan for Amatrice goes even further.

They envision a return to the 1930s by limiting the height of buildings, even giving the city the central square that the papacy banned it from having in the 15th century.

Survivors will hold a candle-lit procession in the early hours, even as Ischia island to the south, recovers from Italy's latest quake -- and critics again criticize the government for failing to shore-up the nation's poorly constructed buildings.


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