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Do you believe that your bedroom life is on an all time high, thanks to the immense knowledge you have about sex? The French are the lovemaking pacesetters, according to the Durex Global Sex Survey 2002, coming in at 167 times each 365 days. Try some classical options to rock your world: Shacking Up to Chopin, Making Out to Mozart and Bedroom Bliss with 4. Douching washes away the healthy bacteria in the vagina and alters the natural, healthy p H level. So you might not get a baby off the bat, but the wait can be more than worthwhile.

Well, we bring you seven never-heard-before facts about the 'S' word, which are sure to leave you thinking... The practice can actually lead to the spread of infections in the reproductive organs. At least a year should go by before you fret about your fertility.

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A couple visits a doctor asking to 'create more space' in the woman for intercourse.

A doctor finds testicular tissue in a woman with appendicitis, and decides to keep his findings quiet. Sex assignment around 1900: From a legal to a clinical issue 8.

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These are just a few of the three hundred European case histories of people whose sex was doubted during the long nineteenth century that Geertje Mak draws upon in her remarkable new book. How did they decide to which sex a person should belong?


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