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She attended Marymount High School, a Roman Catholic all-girls school in Los Angeles.

Following graduation, she moved to Dallas, Texas, to attend Southern Methodist University for two years.

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In early 2010, the couple temporarily moved to Miami with their son and Kourtney's sister Kim.

During this time, Kourtney believed Disick had an alcohol problem.

In 1994, her father garnered public attention as an additional defense lawyer for football player O. In February 2007, a sex tape made by her sister Kim and former boyfriend Ray J in 2003 was leaked, which largely contributed to her rise to prominence.

Kourtney and her mother opened children's clothing boutiques called Smooch in the Los Angeles area and New York City; the boutiques carry the brand Crib Rock Couture.

The plaintiffs, from several states, brought claims under their respective states' consumer protection laws.

The couple have had an on-again, off-again relationship, all throughout the filming of the show.

Kourtney then lived in Tucson, Arizona, where she graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts and a minor in Spanish.

Her classmates included Nicole Richie and Luke Walton. Kourtney first became known to reality-television audiences on the 2005 series, Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive, on which she earned money for charity.

With sisters Kim and Khloe, Kardashian co-owns and operates D-A-S-H, a clothing boutique in Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, and a pop-up store in the Hamptons.


  1. Yvonne explains: "I felt completely at ease with him and I felt more classy, more educated than him - my own working-class origins were thoroughly blurred by this time - and that was a relief after so often feeling inadequate before." But here, too, their differences got in the way and they separated.

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