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First dates can be exciting, and yet, a bit jittery, what with all the list of date questions everyone’s armed with these days!As much as a date is about questioning and interrogating each other, it’s also a lot more about keeping the conversation going and having a great time.

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Some date questions are just plain stupid like “what would you do if you win a million dollars? It makes your date feel like they’re being judged in a job interview. [Read: What to wear on a date] Questions to ask on a date If you want a long list of questions to ask on a date, well, you’re just sad. Dates are special, and each date is as unique as the two unique individuals on the date.

” and some date questions like “what are you looking at, right now? While we are going to give you a list of date questions you can ask, you should remember that these date questions can help you gauge a potential future.

Here are five questions to ask on a date that can make the difference between a happy future and a wasted date.

Why we need date questions Over the years, all of us have had dates and have had to face a barrage of questions ranging from the mundane to the obnoxious!

This questions can help you understand what kind of a person your date is, and how they cope with difficult issues in their life.

Question #2 What do you do when you’re having a tough day?It takes a lot of love, determination and compromise to keep the boat of love from rocking.And sadly, many people just don’t have what it takes.They care too much about themselves to put up with someone else, even if it’s a lover. If your date’s had no long term relationship over at least a year, then something’s not usually right.Yeah, there’s also a chance that they haven’t met anyone who’s really nice and sweet.If you’re having a great time on a date, everything can seem happy and nice.

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