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Like you, I would like to date 30 men in 15 months but how can I when they don’t ask me?!!

I’ve been told that I am a sexy, attractive woman and that any man would be lucky to have me.

Here’s how I explain – if you want to fish, you go where the fish are!

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Many times women want to meet men in their every day life and this can work.

However, I strongly recommend you add in some singles specific activity or you can end up with no results and feel frustrated as you are feeling now.

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One of the most consistent frustrations I hear from people looking for a romantic partner is what I call the ultimate bad date, one in which Person A asks Person B questions about Person B's life, but Person B sucks up all the attention and doesn't ask Person A any questions about Person A's life. She and her potential beau-to-be went to a nice, quiet restaurant, and ordered a tantalizing drink and dinner. Ally did the usual and polite thing: she asked the man who sat across from her questions about himself and his life.

When, she wondered in her mind, would she find what so many of her friends already had – a good guy and a relationship she could count on?

Ladies and gentleman, you have to be on your best behavior when you are cast adrift in the dating sea.

Her question was about a guy named Jake who seemed interested and gave her his number, but never asked her out. That means, don’t call him, don’t text or email him and don’t ask him out. See, if a man is interested in you, no matter how shy he may be, he will ask you out, take you on a date, call again, take you out again, etc.

They texted a lot and he “talked” about going out, but never did ask her. In fact, Jake told her the timing wasn’t right (here’s that post about how to understand men.) Below, I have explained why a woman should not take the role of initiator at the very beginning of dating. Now, if a man initiates, of course mirror his actions – return his call, text or email. For some women, this idea is very hard because today men and women seem so equal. Well you can do it of course, but you won’t find out what he’d do on his own, to pursue you – and as a dating coach that is most often the measure of how much he likes you. Talking about a date is not the same as GOING on a date. Use this to help you understand what actions you should take with dating. Following his lead by returning his calls, texts, emails and saying yes to a date if you are interested – that is your job as the follower. This follower role is only true for the initial phase of dating – the first 6 dates or so.

Hi Ronnie – The Dating Coach, I have a question about divorce and dating.


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