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Experts and governments estimate plutonium production levels from tell-tale signs of reactor operation in satellite imagery.

The MOAB is a precision-guided munition weighing 21,500 pounds and will be dropped from a C-130 Hercules aircraft for the test.

It will be the largest nonnuclear conventional weapon in existence. Department of Defense The idea of dropping an air-blast bomb—even if it’s the largest nonnuclear ordnance ever used by the U. in combat—to target fighters holed up in tunnels deep underground might at first seem counterintuitive.

The MOAB is an Air Force Research Laboratory technology project that began in fiscal year 2002 and was scheduled to be completed in 2003. The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb, or "Mother of All Bombs" (MOAB), which the Air Force unleashed on ISIS fighters and tunnels Thursday in the Achin District of Afghanistan’s Nangarhar Province, never actually struck the ground.

But the massive crunch of air pressure created by the nearly 22,000-pound MOAB would have wiped out anyone in the vicinity, and certainly sent a clear signal that the Trump administration is willing to use unprecedented force.

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Grab the recipe below, hit the health food store, and stir up a batch of these delicious treats tonight! How to make SEX BOMBS: To make this recipe, you'll need an industrial-strength blender (like a Vitamix), or a powerful food processor. In a blender or food processor, combine almonds, sesame seeds, honey, coconut oil, cacao powder, and cocoa nibs. North Korea carried its sixth nuclear test in 2017 at . Satellite images had shown workers pumping water out of a tunnel believed to have been being prepared for a forthcoming nuclear test, US monitors had said.North Korea has a rich source of fissile material, both plutonium from its Yongbyon nuclear reactor and highly enriched uranium from other sites, US-based researchers claim.This theoretical range was estimated based on the Hwasong-14 performance in a test-launch on July 28, when it flew for about 45 minutes before landing in the Sea of Japan.On September 15, North Korea's also tested its mid-range Hwasong-12 missile which travelled about 3,700km over Japan, and has a range potential of 4,000km, which includes Guam, a US territory in the Pacific Ocean.You’d never find them—it just blows your lungs out of your mouth.

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