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If you genuinely cannot deal with it and you're honest about it then it's okay. It doesn't stop you from being friends :) Yep - I know someone who broke off her engagement because her man would regulalry get drunk and end up not wetting the bed, but doing number 2's in the corner of the bedroom!!! Honestly, if you knew you were capable of such feral behaviour, wouldn't that be enough to lilmit your booze intake and avoid such disgrace? Daile There are actually websites devoted to 'water sports'...most bed wetting and sleep walking to go to do a pee are associated with drinking too much alcohol... ..girls and boys (adults) take a piss in places other than the toilet but think they are in the toilet...until someone wakes them up!---------------------------------------------------------- You would think so Gab! I really don't know how people can keep doing it if it's simply a matter of drinking too much (rather than any physical problem the cause). Its common but weird maybe there is a medical explanation for it? The same has happened to me, but it was a girl who did it.i really dont think u all know actually how common this is in girls and boys even up to the age of 25, i think missy q could of gone a different way about it, jus think perfect gentleman evrything that she could of wanted witha flaw of the bed wetter, now karma will get the best of her and end up with some arrogant idiot that has little respect for her, and guilt will prevail, ya know i used to wet the bed till 22 and then i met my current girlfriend whom ive been with or 2yrs now and have never wet since meeting her, you could have been a cure missy!

She'd been dating a lovely boy in his late 20s and everything was going fabulously.

He put effort into planning sexy and fun dates, tried to impress at every opportunity and always wore a nice shirt.

" The bloke, with nowhere to run, admitted that he had wet the bed.

Resisting the urge to tell him to piss off, Missy Q initially reacted with kindness, offering to help the guy sort out the issue.

But late one night Missy Q woke to hear him quietly cursing to himself in an agitated state.

Wondering what was happening on the other side of her bed, she quietly asked "what's wrong?In her new memoir, Mindy Kaling compares rom-coms to sci-fi for all the "fakey razzle-dazzle" both genres share—and until a Ryan Gosling-type dodges one-way traffic on a scooter to get to us, we'll have to agree. Boys can talk for hours with you in a diner at three in the morning because they don't have regular work hours. Aim higher." —Julie Klausner (writer-podcaster), from Lesson Learned: Musicians might borrow their girlfriends' clothes "Anita had a huge influence on the style of the times. I was beginning to wear her clothes most of the time. Sometimes it was mine, and sometimes it was the old lady's, but we were the same size so it didn't matter.For real-life relationship musings, we turn to top-selling memoirs for insight on everything from setting up friends to why looks matter Lesson Learned: Men know what they want "Until I was 30, I dated only boys. But they suck to date when you turn 30." —Mindy Kaling (actress-writer), from Lesson Learned: If you're not cute, you might as well be clever "I met Hugh through a mutual friend. If I sleep with someone, I at least have the right to wear her clothes." —Keith Richards (Rolling Stones guitarist-songwriter), from Lesson Learned: You can set friends up, but you can't make the stars align "Remember that being single is not synonymous with being mentally impaired.But since writing this blog the whole office seems to have a story to tell on the issue...Daile When posting comments on our blogs, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions.If you take your blogs with a hint of spice, Daile Pepper will satisfy all your cravings for the latest on dating crazes, Perth's nightlife and health kicks.


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