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More recently, the massive ad campaigns for the live-action film series and associated merchandise has kept the Transformers brand in the eye of the public, and made the films feel like the blockbuster events they were intended to be.

Animation: Excerpts of Blackarachnia transforming, Optimus Primal turning his head, Optimus Primal landing in beast mode, Megatron glaring, the Maximals together, Optimus Primal at the Oracle, Cheetor turning his head, Blackarachnia opening her eyes, Optimus Primal transforming, Rattrap in beast mode.

Megatron Kid congratulates Cheetor Kid after losing their match.

Toy segment: Two kids ordering food are informed by the lady behind the counter that there is only one order of fries left, so they decide to fight it out with their Transformers.

Notes: This ad doesn't mention anything about the series finale from which the animation is taken.

In fact, this seems to be just a regular old promo for the show. II: When Legends Fall, anyone eagle-eyed enough to spot Optimal Optimus' jetmode would've caught a hefty spoiler.

This ad was kind of a big deal to fans as it was the first time Peter Cullen had done any work related to Transformers in thirteen years, dating back to the Action Master ads.

Animation: Excerpt from The Transformers: The Movie of Unicron slamming his hand down on Cybertron's surface, accompanied by a newly recorded voice-over proclaiming "The universe is mine! Also has an excerpt of Optimus Prime stock footage with Optimus telling Unicron to "fight someone your own size." Idyllic scenes of nature on earth are followed by scenes of the Decepticon army mobilizing with an epic choral tune playing the background.

[Weight:] Male: "Fifteen tons." Female:"All muscle." [A.

I.:] "Artificial intelligence." "It's real." [Engine:] "One hundred thousand horse power." "Real dominance." [Fuel:] "The Matrix powers." "High octane." [Speed:] "From zero to action." "In a flash." [Mission:] "To save Earth." "No surrender." Notes: Armada's first three episodes were combined into a mini-movie for its premiere on Toonami.

Some footage from the Animorphs TV series is seen, and an instrumental version of the series' theme plays underneath. " digital voice (as with the concurrent Beast Wars ads, apparently taken from older Generation 1 ads) plays at the end.


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