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Decomposition: It’s Never Pretty (Skip this section if you get queasy easily) Many people believe cremation is quick and clean. To quote Professor Stephen Prothero “Think of the horrors … I’m not claiming burial is ‘less gross.’ On a physical level, they are both pretty disgusting.

of the crisping, crackling, roasting, steaming, shriveling, blazing features and hands that yesterday were your soul’s delight. Burial, however, is a natural process of decomposition that occurs to every human being. Related Article: Planting a Tree of Life Financial Concerns Cremations have the reputation of being cheap. When all the side costs and hidden costs are added in, “Sheri Richardson Stahl, director of Island Funeral Home in Beaufort, S.

Since the very beginning of the Jewish people thousands of years ago, although many options were available, Jews have always insisted on burial. Today, mirroring the developments in Western society, at least 30 percent of Jewish deaths in North America and Europe are followed by cremations, and the percentage is on the rise. Simply because, contrary to common perception, cremation is bad for the environment.

However, for some life decisions we manage to find the money to do the right thing. The Meaning of Burial When a body is buried, the ground is opened up. The gaping hole declares, “Something is not right here — there is a tear in the human fabric of life. “After decades of denying our mortality, Americans are starting to accept, if not embrace, this fundamental fact of biology: that the natural end of all life is decomposition and decay.

For example, I will do whatever is necessary to send my children to a decent school, rather than “going cheap” and putting them in a bad environment. Instead of fighting it at almost all cost as we have for the better part of the last century — with toxic chemicals, bulletproof metal caskets, and the concrete bunker that is the burial vault, all of which will only delay, not halt, the inevitable — we’re finally seeing the wisdom of allowing Mother Nature to run her natural course.” The earth, the dirt, is indeed “the Mother of All Life.” The earth provides our sustenance, like a mother who gives birth to and feeds her young.

C., explained that, “Plenty of times, cremations are just as expensive as burials.” There is one type of cremation, however, whose costs can’t be beat: direct cremation.

In this type of cremation, a cremation company is contacted online or by telephone.

They send someone to pick up the body, deliver it to the crematorium, and deliver to the bereaved family a small can full of cremated remains. In an age of worldwide economic difficulty, direct cremations are becoming more common. Here is why: For some things in life, it is certainly appropriate to find the cheapest solution possible.

Times are tough, and we need to live within our means. Remember the life.” When the body is gently placed in the ground, a new message is given — the calm return to nature, the source of life.Even in the cases where gravesite visitation will rarely or never occur, burial is the right choice – as witnessed by the case of Moses himself, when God buried him and then hid the place of his burial (to avoid it becoming a site of idol worship). Then you will be gripped by ‘paralyzing horror’ at even the thought of ‘submitting the remains of …Even when it doesn’t seem like there will be any visitors — the body is at rest, and has found a permanent home. dear departed relatives to its sizzling process.’ Cremation [is], in a word, repulsive: ‘There is nothing beautiful in being shoved in to an oven, and scientifically barbecued by a patented furnace’ ” True, being eaten by worms is not pleasant either.If a loved one needs a medical procedure, I will somehow arrange to make it possible. And to it all creatures return, to begin the cycle once again.As British dramatist Francis Beaumont put it, Returning the body of someone we cared for to the earth is a sign of love. Think back to your first pet: "We burned the trash and buried the treasure.The Talmud, Maimonides, and the Code of Jewish Law all codify the commandment to bury the dead. He or she is already in a “better place.” We presume that the dead don’t feel what is happening to the body, don’t really care, and probably aren’t even aware anyway.


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