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“Greater representation creates a feeling of acceptance and encourages people to come out, and people need to do that to be whole,” Penn adds.It’s also a chance to demystify bisexuality for mainstream population, much in the same way that the work of transgender advocates such as Laverne Cox and Janet Mock and series like have done.If writers—gay, straight or bi—are smart, they won’t sleep on stories that feature bisexuals.

“It was so easy to scapegoat bisexual men, that they’re the ones on the down low, bringing the virus back to their wives and girlfriends,” Penn says.

“Even today there’s a stereotype that bisexual men can’t possibly be monogamous and that they’re opportunistic.” Promiscuous and calculating certainly apply to Francis Underwood, the Machiavellian lead character on Netflix’s , one of few male bisexuals in current series.

For gays and lesbians, that historically meant being typecast as flamboyant or butch.

Bisexuals, however, seem to have flummoxed writers with their lack of clear-cut coded behaviors.

Having a lead character—particularly a male—self-identify as bisexual would be a bold step for any big film studio or television network when bi characters seldom get screen time.

The reported that, of the films released by major studios in 2013, 16.7 percent featured characters that identified as LGBT.Another hurdle is that some (ostensibly straight) viewers still have a problem with guy-on-guy sexuality.This week, Shonda Rhimes put a Twitter user on blast after she complained that the gay scenes in Rhimes’ shows were “too much.” Rhimes responded with “There are no GAY scenes.“As a producer, I think addressing monogamy in bisexual relationships is a great storyline to explore in an honest, open way,” says Schickner.Who knows—giving audiences a little credit along with a great narrative may even lead to widespread fandom.“I would love to see a character in a show that’s out and in a monogamous relationship with a boy or girl.


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