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Likely to continue in his ward but Steve Chia might move to other district to contest.

Chua Chu Kang, is a division with younger electorates, Steve Chia might wish to tap on his relevance to their generation and contest.

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Ong Seh Hong, Cynthia Phua and Yeo Guat Kwang are neither those very “grassroots” people (unlike Ong Ah Heng or Tan Cheng Bock) nor charismatic figures.

George Yeo, Minister for Foreign Affairs, is constantly traveling overseas and is unable to spend too much time on grassroots functions.

However, since the establishment of GRC format, oppositions are unlikely to challenge the PM due to resource constraints.

Potentially, the challenger may lose their election deposit if their results are less than 20% (if memory serve me well, it should be 20%).

He is another popular MP and very “grassroots” man.

The last elections, he garnered thrice the number of votes of the total of both challengers’ vote combine.

The rest of the candidates will stay as Nordin and Leong Horn Kee are very popular in the grassroots and Davinder, famous lawyer of PAP, is a capable speaker.

Verdict: Uncontested Every SMC will be contested and Wang is likely to continue as well.

Hence, he might not be as close to the residents compared to Low Thia Khiang from WP. One, transfer George Yeo to other GRCs and play safe, but this will invite criticism of him shying away from election battle.

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