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For me personally, hearing some of the contestants' stories forced me to look at my own story and I actually had more things in common with some of the contestants this season than I admitted."As I'm helping them go through this journey it forces you to look at the person in the mirror and say, 'I'm not that different than you...

Anna: "There are so many different stories and people can relate to one or more people.

Everybody has such incredible stories, whether they are young or older, I think it's definitely a feel good, incredibly inspiring show and obviously these people have tried to do everything they can when they are home to lose the weight and change their lives around and most of the time you need a great support system and team and education to turn your life around.

Anna Kournikova recently put her 7-bedroom Miami mansion on the market for $9.4 million.

The sale of the luxury property suggests that the tennis star is looking to move in with her boyfriend of 8 years ENRIQUE IGELSIAS.

will return with a new 'Battle of the Ages' theme and two new trainers when it premieres its 12th season tomorrow night on NBC.

Professional tennis player and certified trainer Anna Kournikova and fitness expert Dolvett Quince will join returning trainer Bob Harper at the ranch as a new group of contestants arrive hoping to transform their lives by getting healthy.I didn't come here with a mindset of being anything other than what I am and that's a trainer."It's a part of me and I love what I do and I wanted to translate that to these people, especially these obese people that could use my experience, so I walked into it with that confidence.I also had the confidence of an amazing support team on the show."Anna: "I didn't feel any pressure.For me the biggest draw was that I had all this knowledge and I live and breathe sports, nutrition, well-being and helping people - for me that was the perfect combination.I've been working with kids in sports since 2003 and just promoting sports and healthy, active lifestyles so it was a completely natural role for me."Anna, what would you say to people who have never seen you train before and would assume you have been picked for your looks?Anna Kournikova, the former professional tennis player turned model, has reportedly joined the hit reality show 'The Biggest Loser' as a fitness trainer, reports X17 Online.

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