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For the record what's written is not exactly accurate. Ultimately Levi and Sunny's relationship grew stronger, and today they are doing very well. So surely, I thought, now Levi would want to release me from my promise and let me do my thing. After some initial rumblings I even let Bristol know of my intentions.

As you now know that was not how things were going to work out. Like I said earlier I received a lot of interesting information from the Johnstons, their friends, and their family members over the last two years.

), finally both parties came to an agreement and everything appeared to be settled. Now notice that there was still no attack on Bristol in those posts and articles.

Note that I said, "appeared to be settled." It was around then that some misleading stories were leaked to the press saying that Levi owed over $80,000 in child support. However they resulted in this: Life & Style Weekly has exclusively learned that Levi Johnston, the father of Bristol Palin’s son Tripp, 7, has been actively trying to have a fling with her.

It is absolutely amazing that nowhere on any conservative new sites has any reference by made to Wasilla hillbillies, the Palins, specifically Bristol Palin’s new “racist” boyfriend Giacinto “Gino” Paoletti, who the family reportedly adores.

The problem is Gino has made racist and despicable comments on his Facebook page, which has since been taken down. We have all the same religious beliefs and our families both come first in our lives.” Giacinto is an outdoorsy laborer with a strong back—he works for a company called Refrigeration Unlimited—who fits right into the Palin family’s carefully cultivated self-image as a brutal clan of white frontier warriors.

So as you all know his initial attempts hit a brick wall called Bristol Palin, who at that time had all of the power, all of the money, and no reason whatsoever to give him his rights as a father.

Ultimately that led Levi to my door, and what happened next I detailed in this post.

Now let me point out that even at that time Levi was adamant about taking the high road and not attacking Bristol.

And in fact he never once said that she was a bad mother.

Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer won't be getting married Saturday, Sarah Palin announced Monday on Facebook. The couple "couldn’t be more thankful for the love and support of family and friends over the past months while preparing for their wedding," the former Alaska governor wrote.

"They have informed loved ones that unfortunately the announced celebration planned for May 23 will not be held.

No matter the status of Bristol and Dakota's couplehood, family and close friends were still "welcome to share a great bar-b-que on the farm" on what was to have been the wedding day, the former vice presidential candidate said.


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