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Ann Rule: Yes, I talk to almost every killer I write about - unless, like Brad Cunningham in "Dead by Sunset," they serve as their own attorneys, and testify for days and days. Question: You said that you are working on three books, what are they going to be about?Ann Rule: One book, "A Rage to Kill," is a collection of 14 of my best short pieces, including the horrifying bus crash in Seattle the day after Thanksgiving. Question: Ann: What is your opinion of the death penalty?

Ann Rule: I'm glad you liked the updates on my web page. The investigation of the scene may well have been bungled. I think evidence might have been lost in the Mc Donald case, or more likely, contaminated. do you think you'll ever write anything about Jon Benet Ramsey? Ann Rule: I will write a Green River book--but only when someone has been convicted.

Question: Ann: Do you think a Green River conviction will ever happen?

Ann Rule: I write about murder because I too cannot imagine how people could be so cruel - and I want to find out WHY? Question: Ann: Some commentators say that Aileen Wuornos was the first female serial killer. Ann Rule: I think Aileen Wuornos is the ONLY female I've ever researched who may well be a true serial killer.

Question: hear's killing their kids to impress a boyfriend is beyond belief Ann Rule: I agree. The others have all killed for money - or for "love" as they define it. Question: Ann I always tried to meet you when you did your book signings in the Seattle area, in fact before I moved away I saw you at a book store in Tukwila. Question: Do you ever do book signing tours in Canada?

Ann Rule: The WHY of murder seems to me to have many reasons.

I think early childhood abuse may well kill a little conscience.Ann Rule: I save all manner of stuff on the serial murder cases in Washington -- in a closet I need for my towels and sheets. Question: Ann, what do you make of so many children turning to killing now..there any stories there?Ann Rule: I think that kids see way too much violence on TV, movies, etc.Ann Rule: Most serial killers are smart, because the dumb guys with the same impulses get caught early on. Question: Ann: Are there any murder cases that you know of where the Internet played a key role?Ann Rule: Yes, I'm working on a book about murder where the Internet had a part.But I'm sure that Bob Mc Nannay, her one-time stepfather is handling it all well. Question: I love to read murder stories because I try to find out what drove that person to actually kill another human being.

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