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Enrollees indicated their preferred payment option (e-money, conventional check, donation to a named charity, or to decline payment).To study the characteristics of a Latino sample recruited online, the wording of demographic questions were taken from the Census (2000) for Hispanics.Second, to investigate the relationship between the Internet as a risk environment and unsafe sex.

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However, both studies identified the Internet as an HIV risk for MISM using clinic-based populations, so it remains unclear from these studies whether it is some aspect of the Internet environment which increases risk, or whether the Internet is attracting those who engage in greater risk.

In response to reported correlations between being MISM and engaging in HIV risk behavior (Benotsch et al., 2000; Bull and Mc Farlane, 2000; Elford et al., 2000; Halkitis and Parsons, 2003; Reitmeijer et al., 2003) we initiated the Men's INTernet Study (MINTS), a Web-based, cross-sectional study to investigate the dynamics of Internet use and HIV risk.

Nearly all (99%) reported having used the Internet to seek sex with another man.

Two-thirds of respondents reported having unprotected anal sex with ≥ 1 man in the last year, 57% of these with multiple partners.

From an HIV prevention risk perspective, it is urgent that we understand the demography and risk characteristics of this new gay environment.

Similar to bars, clubs, and organizations, the Internet can be considered a unique risk “environment” even if the sex occurs elsewhere (Mc Farlane et al., 2000; Ross et al., 2003).Non-Internet MSM samples typically identify 20-40% MSM as engaging in high risk sexual behavior within the last year (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2001a,b).To examine whether our Internet sample was high risk, a priori we defined high-risk behavior as most ( 25% of participants reporting unprotected anal sex with the last man they met for sex, online; and a high-risk sample by HIV risk co-factors (based on the Swedish study findings) as the majority of our participants being young (33%).Third, to assess the feasibility of online survey research of Internet-using Latino MSM, we sought to identify participants' language preferences and test protocols to confirm survey validity and uniqueness.As one of the first NIH-funded trials using the Internet, there appeared a clear need to assess the feasibility of conducting rigorous trials, which includes publishing demography, with bilingual samples, language preferences, and methodologies developed to confirm validity and uniqueness of subjects.Participants were Internet-using Latino MSM, recruited November-December 2002 via banner advertisements in Spanish and English placed on


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