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Viktorie Cermakova & Marika Sarah Prochazkova 4SOME AKA Svat Ctverice Foursome orgy swingers scenes!!! STORY Two middle age couples are linked by more than just a lifelong friendship, they are linked by love.It's just a matter of time before they have some explaining to do to their kids.

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No wonder the book was at the centre of an obscenity trial after being published in the 20s.

Black Mirror isn't exactly known for it's erotic content, but this episode of the dystopian (but so close to reality it's scary) sci-fi series is different.

The Vampire Diaries is full to the brim with sexual tension, longing looks, fangs FFS - what isn't sexy about that?

Right, we all know Henry VIII was a total arse, but sweeping the beheadings, divorces etc under the rug for now, he was also well into sex.

A little cheesy in parts but 29 minutes in, she tells him about the time she was at a sleepover and masturbated using a pillow.

An oral sex scene set to 90s rock later and you'd be hard pressed not to feel turned on. Then there's Nichols and Soso, Pussey and her German GF, the list goes on.The incident triggers his mother, Claire, to open a dialogue with the family, encouraging them to explore their sexuality more freely and openly.As each of these family members push the boundaries of their sensuality, SEXUAL CHRONICLES OF A FRENCH FAMILY paints a portrait of three generations taking their next steps in life.They bathe and wash everywhere, including between legs (shown), they wash each other.There are many scenes where they show their tight supermodel butts, backs and legs full length and brightly lit for several minutes.Luckily, they find a match and we get to see him make out and have sex with two women and jeez Louise there's a new sexual fantasy for you right there. After a woman's husband is paralysed in the war, she starts an affair with their gamekeeper.


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