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For instance, where alimony is concerned, if the “supporting spouse” cheated, the court might be required to automatically award alimony payments to the other spouse.

What you need to know to avoid liability or criminal charges under federal and North Carolina wiretapping laws.

You have that terrible feeling in your gut, your spouse is being secretive with their cell phone, they are coming home late from work, distancing themselves from you; the signs are all there, you just don’t have proof.

If you are not careful, using voice recorders, spyware, and other “eavesdropping” devices might give you more legal trouble than relief.

You may be wondering, aside from personal knowledge or peace of mind, why would evidence of an affair be of any importance?

Why hire a private investigator when you can catch them in the act yourself?

The answer is not so simple, and may even carry criminal charges.

Tape recorders can easily be purchased at office supply stores at little cost, you can view a step-by-step video showing how to “bug” a room on You Tube, and a simple Google search will provide countless links to purchase spyware.

Despite what popular TV shows and movies may make you think, these sort of recording devices are not simply being used to catch drug dealers and mobsters; increasingly, people are using these devices to catch their spouses cheating.

In our technology driven society, recording others has become as easy as tying your shoes.

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