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Girl Genius, for example, puts out 1 page every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.So as I read Girl Genius, it seems like a slowly evolving serial, of the politics and romances of mad scientists in a silly steampunkish world.

The other characters usually get a small part in each book (it’s almost always Emily, the other misfiled girl, or the angel).

The characters are pretty much bland and unoriginal.

Truthfully I don’t know what this author is like but I know he’s a father and lives off of this webcomic.

The previous reviewer complained and called him names but I’ll give credit where its due, he likes the webcomic and puts in hours doing it.

I currently keep up with 10 comics, and come close to keeping up with a dozen or so more.

When you keep up with a webcomic you read each page as it comes out, often once a week, or several times a week.

I won’t say anything bad about him but he does have a fairly good idea to get donators; he sends a free pin to anyone who donates 10$ or more, and has a different donation pin every month.

If you miss one you’ll never have a chance to get it again.

Unfortunately even the boring life stuff is hindered by transgender BS like ‘Boy gets his first period’ and ‘I still like girls does that make me a lesbian?

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