Computer froze when updating bios

Most of the time, Windows Update does its job with little if any attention from us.

At the very least how can i get it back to its original state of operation?

My computer, one day, when I switched it on, lost few icons in the desktop and became very very slow, I restarted it. So I decided to restore it to some day before so that I might get my last good configuration, but then problems began.

If there's any wonder after that long, take a look at your hard drive activity light.

You'll see either no activity at all (stuck) or very regular but very short flashes of light (not stuck).

The Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) is the first program you computer runs when its turned on.

It initializes all the components of your computer and allows you to configure and manage them.

If your BIOS is now corrupt you will be unable to reboot and try the BIOS flash again, not easily anyway.

If the motherboard is an older one the only way you can recover the motherboard is to get the BIOS ROM reflashed using a ROM Burner/Programmer which some Computer Stores may have (you may need to call around) or you can buy your own.

I tried it once again, but now that screen too was'nt coming. This issue is mainly due to the corrupted windows boot manager.

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