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  1. Evans, whose research topics have included the evolution of emotions, robots, and decision making, was apparently so intrigued, he shared the paper with several UCC colleagues, including the one who leveled harassment charges.

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  5. Due to the large size of the file, we've divided it up alphabetically by publisher: Part 1: Algonquin; Berkley, New American Library; Bloomsbury; Consortium; Crown Part 2: Ecco; Farrar, Straus and Giroux; Grove/Atlantic; Hachette; Harper Collins Part 3: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; Ingram; Liveright; Mira; Other Press; Penguin Press, Picador Part 4: Random House; Riverhead; Simon & Schuster; Soho Part 5: Sourcebooks; St. The deadline for your entries is Tuesday, January 9th at noon ET.

  6. This continued until an incident occurred wherein she was discovered by a group of hackers on Efnet who teased her for their own amusement.

  7. By 1996, 28 percent of this population was reported to have a poor-quality diet, compared to 16 percent of whites.

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