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The follow-up is an album of stealthy dynamism, drama and mystery, its impact made all the greater because it skirts obvious routes to dance just out of hand’s reach, always seeming to be on the verge of departure.

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The switch to ‘Black Sea’ was made only to allay the then band manager’s sensitivity to the title being interpreted as a criticism of his management style.

More Power Rock than Power Pop, when released in Sept.

Such is the case with the subtly cinematic second album from Sandra Sumie Nagano, ‘Lost In Light’, through Bella Union.

On 2013’s eponymous debut, Sumie tapped into the mid-point between Scandinavian and Japanese folk music to deliver an album of blissful restraint, its quietude shaped by a combination of parenthood and natural inclination.

Sweet vocal harmonies, walking basslines, spirited finger picking, mournful pedal steel, bowed bass and natural storytelling are all here.‘Cicada Rhythm’ was recorded in a diverse range of environments (from various studios to a 200-year-old church) with acclaimed producer Drew Vandenberg (Drive-By Truckers, Deerhunter, of Montreal) at the helm.

The quest to match these authentic surroundings to the songs has moulded an album that feels as natural as the relationship that birthed it."What Cicada Rhythm offers is roots music that's unassuming, expertly played and sung by two clear as glass voices." NPR "Hypnotic".

“It was not a style or a sudden choice but more me playing my guitar and having two small children so I could not make much noise,” she explains.

“But I also love minimal and delicate music, so that felt like a natural direction for me.”For a singer songwriter, the benefit of starting from a point of quiet is the room it allows for manoeuvre afterwards.

We had initially planned to be in the studio for three or four nights.


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