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The Gaslamp, downtown, and Coronado should be great places to meet singles, but you should also try other places around the county like La Jolla or Mission Valley, wherever you feel comfortable I noticed in the Gaslamp areas, there are a lot of young blonde girls perhaps college students or young professionals.

In fact, they make up at least 75% of the young girls there.

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I mean, it seems like a decent sized city, and the gaslamp is always packed. Best, - Phil Last time I was single in San Diego was 5 years ago, but I doubt it has changed much since then. San Diego is pretty much like anywhere else, and the most important key to dating women is confidence.

And if you the think the is a case of "the grass is greener" just check and type in Richmond VA reviews and you'll find pages of 1-star ratings from people swearing Richmond is the worst place on the planet for young single professionals. San Diego may have a reputation for being "Man Diego" where girls have options, and it has a reputation for having girls that are stuck-up, shallow, materialistic, superficial, etc.

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Hey everybody, What can I say, I love San Diego, every bit of the gaslamp district, through petco park, and all the way out to Coronado.

In my nine years living there, I've had periods of times of good luck and periods of bad luck.

If you do move out there, good luck and don't get discouraged.I mean you could just stay online and ask all the questions you want on forums.Or you can just go and experience life without the cellphones and computers and live in the moment.They are married or are getting married and starting to head down the family track, thus their eagerness to meet new people is not as forthcoming compared several years ago.You will find more mid-twenty somethings to younger 30 year olds in the downtown area.There might be some truth to that, but they are not all like that.


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