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In that sense, Duo is very much like Face Time with its simplicity and focus, allowing just two-person chats via an ultra-minimal interface.

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However, if your digital life revolves around your smartphone, Duo bests Face Time in a massive way by being available on both i OS and Android.

It's tied to your phone number, so as long as the other person has the app, you can get face to face with a couple taps.

Apple's own video chat service is baked into i OS and OS X and couldn't be simpler or easier to use.

You don't even have to open up a separate app in i OS: from your contacts, you can simply tap the Face Time button to connect, assuming the person on the other line is also using a compatible Apple device.

It's a fully-featured, multiplatform offering, which means you'll find a lot more here—whether you want it or not. ) In fact, this image shows me using a dated laptop with a low-res chat cam. Beyond that awesome flexibility, Skype loads in the features: it has group video calls and screen sharing functionality, text chat and landline calls, not to mention live translation of seven spoken languages—albeit only on Windows devices for now.

More importantly, you'll find it pretty much anywhere: phones, tablets, computers, and even the Xbox One console via Kinect. As an all-in-one service, Skype might be intimidating for the casual user, and it's certainly more than your mum would ever need on her phone.As long as you know the URL of your Web M video, you can open it in or download it in Penta Loop's free Player Xtreme HD.It reminds me a lot of VLC for an i OS device: The app claims to be able to play a veritable cornucopia of different video formats, including .mkv, .vob, .wmv, and yes — Web M.I didn't thoroughly test the Player Xtreme HD's competency in all of these formats, but it certainly played videos back with little trouble.All you have to do is follow these steps: That's all there is to it.Its cross-platform approach gives it an edge over Face Time, but what about other major video chat apps?

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