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It's almost enough to disrupt his self-described reputation as a stupid redneck."Can we do this interview lying down, like therapy?He put a 0 bill in the tip jar for the band he had displaced.

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Blake Shelton Talks Divorce, New Love With Gwen Stefani: ' All This Just Has to Be Meant to Happen' Shelton sequenced in a way that ­simulates a "very specific time frame" in his life.

It opens with "Straight Out of Cold Beer," a backwoods party song that represents his carefree mind-set at the start of 2015.

So the way she reacted to his news was surprising and memorable. "I looked over at Gwen -- who I didn't really know -- and she had these huge tears in her eyes. ' "Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Get Romantic With ' Go Ahead And Break My Heart' at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards It wasn't only empathy.

Though she, too, hadn't announced it, Stefani was in the process of separating from her husband, Bush singer Gavin Rossdale, after 20 years together and three kids.

During the annual Country Music Association Music Festival, about 150 people had crammed into The Stage, a bar on lower Broadway in Nashville, enjoying the AC and a cover band, when Shelton walked in the back door.

He's 6 feet 5 inches tall, so it was hard to miss him.

"My heart and soul is being a redneck, and drinking, and being stupid."But that was in happier times, when he was six months into his marriage to Miranda Lambert, the corking good ­country singer.

He has twisted his jester reputation on his latest album, , which debuted at No.

an embarrassment to everyone involved." For years, he has been the clown prince of country, a sentimental, amiable lug who loves booze, women and sarcasm.

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