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What happened was that I was hired by SAO (after leaving the research staff at MIT) in October 1985 to write analysis software for the Spacelab 2 Infrared Telescope which was to fly on the Space Shuttle in 1985 less than six months after I was hired.

I came with a tar tape full of software I had written for Unix and Tektronix terminals, but I was presented with a VS100 terminal which had an early version (X6 or so) of xterm, with no graphics capabilities.

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The Tek 4010 support came from a guy at Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory whose name slips my mind at the moment. Then hacked on at the X Consortium by uncounted people.

I was checking out the newly revised Alta Vista search engine to see what was on the net about xterm, and I found your pages.

Email from Jim Gettys (September 1998) provides some background: Cast of thousands... It was originally written as a stand-alone terminal emulator for the VS100 by Mark Vandevoorde, as my coop student the summer that X started.

Part way through the summer, it became clear that X was more useful than trying to do a stand alone program, so I had him retarget it to X.

As the XFree86 developers issued new patches, I would re-synchronize my archive. I was granted commit privileges on this in November 2000.

Throughout this period, my work on xterm was released as part of XFree86. That was due to the potential conflict between the install procedures.

The xterm program is a terminal emulator for the X Window System.

It provides DEC VT102/VT220 and selected features from higher-level terminals such as VT320/VT420/VT520 (VTxxx).

While I wrote the emulator so that my software would work on it, it was tested by the X group against a BBN graphics package, the name of which slips my mind right now.

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