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Every franchise is exclusive in a city or state with enough rights. Main Franchise is our most creative and best business value franchise in our network.

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It is reported that the UK police arrested someone in connection with the hacking in December 2015. We received an email from a journalist asking about the incident on November 23, 2015 EST.

Back to top VTech's Learning Lodge app store customer database was affected and servers related to Planet VTech, V. As a precautionary measure, we suspended Learning Lodge, the Kid Connect service and the following websites on November 29, 2015 HKT whilst we conducted a thorough security assessment.

What is clear is that this was a criminal act and a well-planned attack.

Kid profiles We cannot go into detail about the hack.

Country Franchise is a unique and exclusive franchise in a country . Country Franchise is all in one franchise for any country.

CF have authority to create main franchise or any sort of franchise from its account balance.

they have authority Get whole details of any franchise with in country .

Due to its exclusive nature we at COB forward all User Registration Applications as well Franchise Registration application directly to Country Franchise for better dealing.

The Learning Lodge app store has also re-opened for all connected products.

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