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You can specify religious status, smoking and drinking preferences, marital status and more.

The site’s well regarded Synapse matching algorithm uses your profile details, match criteria and on-site searches to find the best matches for you.

Count the increasing numbers of older women who want to date but are not interested in remarrying (the Pew points to a gender gap there), and you get a picture of seniors swarming the dating sites.

Still, while the headlines want us to believe that hundreds of thousands of seniors are happily engaged in online dating and finding our next partners via their profiles, would that it were that simple!

Here are our dating site picks for seniors, 2104 (see our earlier picks here).

We’ve tested the big sites, as well as some promising newcomers.

Like e Harmony, Match only accepts users who are single, divorced or widowed.

Who’s it good for People seeking long-term relationships as well as short term dating.Check it out at Match is one of the most well-known and widely used dating sites for all ages; roughly 30 percent of users are age 50 or over according to a recent article; no data is available for number of users over 60.Why it made the list Unlike some sites, Match allows you to specify a wide number of criteria in the person you’re looking for.The online dating scene is a bit of a jungle, with people claiming to be who they aren’t (younger, mainly) and potential matches getting stuck in endless email conversations before ever meeting.But with promising new sites launching all the time, it’s becoming easier to navigate the landscape and find the right fit for you, whether you’re looking for companionship, a lifelong lover or a fun date for the weekend.The system depends on users have plenty of single Facebook friends, and since it also requires that any prospective date you “like” also likes you (“likes” do not show up on your Facebook! Plus, the site only shows one match in a 24-hour period. Cost It’s free to sign up and use, but you pay for “Beans” – Beans unlock more information about your match, such as mutual friends.


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  2. While the landscape of online chat has changed dramatically since our start, Free Chat’s core principles remain the same.

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