Cyko postcard dating

Below is a gallery featuring images of 95 silent film actresses on beautiful real photo postcards.Most of these postcards appear to have been issued between 1922-1926.The non-urgent postcards follow the rate for non-urgent letters [] 1971, 4 January: 50 c (urgent), 30 c (non-urgent) 1974, 16 September: 80 c (urgent), 60 c (non-urgent) 1976, 2 August: 1F (urgent), 80 c (non-urgent) 1978, 15 May: 1.20 F (urgent), 1 F (non-urgent) 1979, 15 October: 1.30 F (urgent), 1.10 F (non-urgent) 1980, 1 August: 1.40 F (urgent), 1.20 F (non-urgent) 1981, 1 September: 1.60 F (urgent), 1.40 F (non-urgent) 1982, 1 June: 1.80 F (urgent), 1.60 F (non-urgent) 1983, 1 June: 2 F (urgent), 1.60 F (non-urgent) 1984, 1 July: 2.10 F (urgent), 1.70 F (non-urgent) 1985, 1 August: 2.20 F (urgent), 1.80 F (non-urgent) 1986, 1 August: 2.20 F (urgent), 1.90 F (non-urgent) 1987, 1 August: 2.20 F (urgent), 2 F (non-urgent) 1993, 5 July: 2.80 F (urgent), 2.40 F (simple) 1996, 18 March: 3 F (urgent), 2.70 F (economic) • On 1 January : France’s currency changed to euro (symbol: €). 2003, 1 June: 0.50 € (urgent),0.45 € (economic) 2005, 1 March: 0.48 € (economic, the same tariff as second-class letters - , and were usually printed advertising cards. During the first half of the twentieth century, packs of six, ten, twelve or even twenty and more cards were issued in two different formats.

1869, 1 October: the first postcard, a pre-printed correspondence card, was sent through the public postal service in Austria.

The card had the address on one side and a message on the other, but no picture.

Here's how I learned that: Actually the close-up to the right is the part that matters.

But there's no postmark or printed copyright date, so why do I say 1922-1926?

But the correspondent did not date their message and the postmark franking on the stamp is smudged. To help make some sense of being able to date old postcards, first we give a short general history of postcards.

This is be followed by more detailed listings for some countries - Great Britain, the United States of America and France.

I love postcards, but I only handle those picturing Silent and Golden Age movie stars so my exposure is limited to those issues.

Playle's Online Auctions however, a longtime specialty venue for postcard sellers and collectors, handles thousands upon thousands of postcards of all types.

Another possibility for finding an old postcard with a relatively modern postmark date is someone had taken the whim to stamp and post a vintage postcard.

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