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Although not fast enough for us to miss the fact that it's all rather thin and pointless.As always, Statham is a former black-ops agent whose jaded, frazzled exterior obscures his fighting-fit action moves.After extracting a bloody revenge on the thug, Wild finds his simple little existence challenged by an entire crime family that seem hell-bent on sending him to a shallow grave in the desert.

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Not willing to put up with the actions of the guards, soon the submissive prisoners decide to rebel and take matters into their own hands.

As the volunteers fall deeper into their new lives, Zimbardo becomes fascinated by the results and how quickly the situation escalates.

His gimmick this time is an ability to turn everyday objects into lethal weapons, including a seriously nasty moment with a pair of hedge clippers.

It also helps that the film is packed with colourful scene-stealers who add plenty of badly needed spark, including a ripped Ventimiglia and the reliably wonderful Tucci, plus lively cameos from the likes of Sofia Vergara and Anne Heche.

In Northern California in 1971, a group of 24 university students respond to a newspaper advert asking for participants in a psychological experiment.

On the toss of a coin, organiser Dr Zimbardo (Billy Crudup) divides the young men into guards and inmates, and places them in a makeshift prison where they can be observed.

Meanwhile, Nick's ex-girlfriend Holly (Dominik Garcia-Lorido) asks him to help her get revenge against the swaggering gangster Donny (Milo Vengimiglia), who kidnapped and viciously terrorised her.

Nick knows that getting even with Donny will put him on a collision course with mob kingpin Baby (Stanley Tucci), but he can't resist a challenge.

But what this is revealing about human behaviour is invaluable, and seriously terrifying.

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