Dating a 70s strat neck

CBS can be considered as the true saviour of the most legendary guitar ever made!

dating a 70s strat neck-23

Would this ever have happened without the enlargement of the head?

Would Jimi ever have picked up a Stratocaster if the head was not enlarged?

In 1971 the 3-bolt neck mounting with built-in Tilt Neck adjustment technique replaced the 4-bolt neck mounting. The truss rod could from now on be adjusted at the “bullet” above the nut.

It was no longer necessary to remove/damage the guard or remove the neck to adjust the neck.

The large headstock first appeared in December 1965.

So actually the birth of the real stratocaster wasn’t 19!

Interesting is the fact that the fronts of the necks were finished with polyester but the headstocks were not.

Nitro cellulose was used for the headstocks because the decals reacted badly on the polyester.

Between 1965-mid 1968 the Gold Fender “Transition” logo was used.

The “Transition” Logo followed the thinner Fender Spaghetti logo in October 1964.

This 2-piece neck with a maple neck board was produced until 1970.

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