Dating a schizophrenic

I have been in a relationship for 8 months with my partner(? He has 'insight' into his illness & takes his prescribed meds, I thought he was maybe just a little shy & eccentric when we first met, but early on in the relationship he told me about much separate from the rest of his life.

He's only had one girlfriend apart from me, who he met whilst sectioned, she committed suicide.

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He says "mild" is like saying "kind of pregnant" However, yes in the grand scheme of things, he is mild. For instance, if he feels misunderstood, that will bring up feelings of "they are out to get me" which in turn will start making him anxious and irritable to a degree which is highly anger based.

He is not on medication, as far as I know has never been. He becomes irrational at that point and difficult to calm down.

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He doesn't have a great deal of empathy, I don't ever expect support if I'm going through a hard time, he just stays away (we don't live together).

We speak about his illness, I've asked him what it's like to see the world through his perspective, & what it feels like for him, but don't push him to talk about anything he doesn't want to- for instance, he's reluctant to tell me about the circumstances under which he was first sectioned/institutionalised, so I don't push. I think you have pointed out what I was thinking anyway.

At the moment though, I am beginning to feel worn down by constantly making allowances for him, I wouldn't allow an 'average' guy to treat me this way. I know you love him, but he could be this way for the rest of his life, you never know. I would be upset if he kept me from his friends and family personally. I got the distinct impression that he had been just 'killing time' with me until he could meet up with his drinking buddies, so I decided then to end it.

I love him a lot & I believe he loves me too (he's said he does...)I suppose what I'm really asking is can I expect our relationship to evolve, or will I always be a compmentalised part of his life? It doesn't sound like your boyfriend is this extreme. If he's taking his medications, he should be stable. It could be part of his personality to not want you a part of his friends and family. Maybe others have some other situations that it turned out good. He needs to talk to you and you both need to put how you feel. He offered to come round to mine after he'd been out for 'a drink'. It's hard to walk away from someone you love, but harder to live with the fact that one is being 'used' (whether intentionally or not) Aw, I'm sorry that this happened. Of course, he didn't have the mental illness, I do, but it hurts and it's not fair. I know you will find someone that will treat you the way you deserve to be treated!! The daughter replied see, she can't show me any affection without someone directing her.

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