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Virginia speaks with Valerie Aurora (of Ada Initiative and Double Union) about online dating from a feminist perspective.

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Say you're interested in the history of Wells Fargo.

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You could visit the "This Date in Wells Fargo History" page whenever you think of it to see if we have anything new, but you may also be interested in other historical facts.

Depending on your interests you may have to visit several websites to get the information you want.There is a wide array of feed-reading software available for PCs and Macs, or you can use an online service. You can specify how many articles appear in each feed on your i Google homepage using their drop-down menus.Some web browsers make it especially easy to subscribe to feeds.Virginia chats with an anonymous caller about the emotional roller coaster of online dating.They immediately get off-topic discussing tips and tricks to make a better go of Ok Cupid and Tinder, plus some real-life dating encouragement!See your reader's Help or FAQs for additional assistance.


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  4. This period of courtship is sometimes seen as a precursor to engagement or marriage.

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