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Our anonymous male matchmakee says, maybe, but who cares?

“You watch a romantic comedy or some kind of romantic movie, and you see it all unfold in this gloriously spontaneous way.

There’s the fleet of online options: Match, OKCupid, e Harmony, Plenty of Fish, How About We.

You could meet someone in what we call the real world — at work or at school, lock eyes across that crowded bar, reach for the same book at Politics and Prose, fall in love with someone from your kickball team, or your skeeball team, or your competitive karaoke team.

It’s just a very high level of service,” Jacoby said.

By design, 75 percent of DC Matchmaking’s clients are men.

But is there something, well, unromantic about this whole thing?

Outsourcing the dirty work of dating to someone else?

“Any dating should have a certain discretion associated with it.”) “You can hire a consultant for everything,” he said.

And matchmaking “is 100 percent better than the relative randomness of online dating [where] what you see is not necessarily what you get.” Jacoby’s fee, which he put at “anywhere between ,000 and ,000,” “sort of sorts out the squeamish.” He’s lived in the District for 15 years and hired Jacoby six months ago.

Or maybe you want to date, but you don’t want to have to deal with, like, dating.

And sure you want to meet new people, but you don’t want them to be strangers, so you’ve got your friend-of-friend apps: Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge, Grouper.

You work like crazy and you don’t have time to manage five online profiles and attend happy hours that go nowhere.


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