Dating behaviour

They don’t want to look like the bad guy, and yet they are quite obviously not interested in taking things further.Eventually they hope the communication between you will dwindle to the point of nothingness.Slow faders will agree to plans and then drop out at the last second.

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So mystifying is the whole business, that there is now an entire lexicon to denote specific types of recurring dating behaviour to help those experiencing it - the majority of it being, of course, horrendous.

Has your date ever slowly disappeared with no explanation?

(In fact, he and I are quite content with a little breathing room to figure out if we want to pursue things more seriously, thank you very much.) It’s because, once again, the internet has given a cutesy name to a relationship behaviour people are unhappy with.

Think about it: There’s a litany of one-liners that we give certain relationship behaviours.

But instead of describing it as "the grey area between only texting after 11 p.m.

and meeting his mother, but he also has contact solution at my place," the internet’s relationship-defining experts call what I have a "situationship."I saw red — and not because I was forced to confront the in-between-ness of something I’m happily participating in.September isn’t just the start of the kid’s school year.For adults, it’s also the klaxon sound for cuffing season.The incredibly romantic idea is that if the you’re waiting as the back-up option should the dater’s first choice pull out for some reason.If you’re the one being benched, look out for a dater who is reluctant to be exclusive.This is all done in the hopes that the ghostee will just “get the hint” and leave you alone - rather than you having to pick up the phone and do the decent thing of explaining that you’re not longer interested.

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