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However, after 3-1/2 years, Petrunoff was expelled, because he had attended various meetings, and made friends with dissidents.With the Olympics coming in 1980, the authorities got rid of the trouble elements in Russia, Petrunoff explained- and he was ousted.His designer introduced Petrunoff to the Macintosh computer. Three months after he published his directory, the Berlin Wall fell - and interest in Eastern European markets soared.

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Petrunoffs life has taken many twists and turns to bring him to this point.

In 1975, he was 17 years old and determined to get out of communist-rule Bulgaria. My family wasnt one of the privileged families under the communists, Petrunoff said. We dont talk about the Cold War any longer, but it was scary, to be honest. Bulgaria was known to be one of the closest allies to Russia.

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In 1987, Petrunoff moved to San Francisco and worked as a doorman at the Hilton Hotel.

He also located an editor and graphic designer, and began creating an Eastern European trade directory.

Located in the Iskar Gorge amidst one of Bulgaria’s largest karst regions, Prohodna is one of the best-known caves in a country full of them.

This is thanks in large part to the eerily symmetrical holes in the cave’s ceiling, which provide visitors with a rather striking subterranean image.

He and his family moved first to San Diego area, and then to the Sonoma Valley in 1997.


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  2. After the 1950s the brewery started using the stubby, a compact bottle that is stronger, easier to hold and simpler to transport.

  3. It has also been speculated by Georges Declercq that Dionysius' desire to replace Diocletian years with a calendar based on the incarnation of Christ was intended to prevent people from believing the imminent end of the world.

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