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That worked out for me, thankfully, because there was a different plan for everyday.

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We are, after all, living and dating in a golden era of men’s style.

Except, perhaps, for the Milanese, fashion-conscious men have long been considered anomalies, though they’ve slowly been evolving for years.

NEW YORK - MAY 28: Single New Yorkers chat during a Hurry Date speed dating event May 28, 2003 in New York City.

Speed dating is a trend in New York, pitting dozens of singles together for dozens of short 'dates' in an evening.

Participants fill out cards if they're interested, and event organizers e-mail any resulting matches.

Although it’s often been said that clothes make the man, as a single woman in fashion, I have wondered if they make the relationship?After my ex-boyfriend, I dated a man with tenuous fashion taste but who was so mentally engaging that I ignored his odd panache for fruit-emblazoned hoodies and floral baseball caps.However one day he boldly asserted that to be my boyfriend, he imagined he would need to up his wardrobe game.Fashion, to me, represents a world where confidence, inspiration, personality, and creativity collide.I didn’t actually get a good grasp of my style until about two years ago when I developed this different sense of self-confidence.Catching Kelce was the most amazing, insane, and trying experience I have ever endured…and packing for the show was a beast of its own.


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