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Any communication for the purpose of sexual acts in exchange for payment is enough.

UPDATE: It is an offence for anyone to pay another for sexual services.

Section 213 of the Criminal Code states that any person who stops or attempts to stop a motor vehicle, block the flow of traffic (which includes pedestrians or vehicles), to communicate for the purposes of offering, providing or obtaining sexual services of a prostitute in a public place or in any place open to a public view is guilty of an offence.

UPDATE: In November 2014 the Government of Canada amended Section 213 of the Criminal Code.

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Prostitution, receiving payment for sexual acts, is not always a crime if you are over 18 years old.

There must be a direct benefit to one person from the prostitution of another.

Sex Trade Workers who use their wages to support their children are not committing an illegal act and the children cannot be charged.) They received it for a good or service that they also provide to the general public or a good or service that they only provided to the person who exchanges sexual services but they did not encourage them to do so and the value of the benefit is equal to the value of the good or service.There are some court diversion programs that may be offered by the police upon arrest such as SNUG which aims to provide services and other help for those who are longer to no longer be involved in prostitution A police officer does not have to identify himself or herself if asked, “Are you a cop? ” The police only have to identify themselves once they start an arrest.Also, a police officer IS allowed to sexually touch a prostitute if it is in fulfilment of the officer’s duty.It is also an offence to communicate about exchanging sexual services for consideration.This applies to those people who are trying to obtain sexual services.Section 286.2(3) will also make a presumption that someone who lives with or is often in the company of someone else who provides sexual services for payment is receiving a benefit from those services.


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